Essex Newborn Lifestyle Photography Shoot At Home

The amazing and inspiring Miss H, I've known and respected this wonderful woman for a few good years now.  She is simply the most kind, caring and inspirational of humans.  She asked me to be on standby for the birth of her wee one back in September.... January came and I received a text say baby L had been born!  I was so excited and completely privileged to be invited over to her new home to meet, photograph and document the incredible new miracle of the beautiful Miss L!  I was utterly in awe of the unique and wonderful bond between Mother and daughter, and granddaughter, being especially awe inspiring as baby L's grandmother is a midwife.  It was such a pleasure for me to witness the sincere and heartfelt encouragement from Mother to daughter, encouraging the life giving nourishment of breastfeeding baby L.

As a lifestyle photographer, this was the most perfect of newborn, lifestyle photography sessions for me, and I am so proud to exhibit the most amazing and wonderful time of any new parent.

If you're pregnant or a new parent please feel free to contact me on I'll be more than happy to photograph and document these most precious days of your new life.