Beach Hut day ~ Making Memories

I love photography, I love creating memories, I love it when I click the shutter on my camera knowing I've stopped time for just one Millisecond. I love my job, knowing I'm creating a moment frozen in time for years to come. We have a blue case in my family, it's full of photos... full of memories. Out of focus images, silly images, fun images, perfect images.... Memories and love. My whole life I've treasured those silly images that make me belly laugh with my sister and that nostalgia is nothing short of perfect in the most imperfect of worlds. That photo of me in my Michael Jackson t-shirt kicking the football, that out of focus photo of me and my cousins laughing and posing with my Nanny, that photo when my Mum is laughing so hard - you just know she was crossing her legs ;) The photo with Nanny looking at my sister and I wistfully, the photo of my Grandad Sid and me when I was 7 months old when he dies two months later, the photos of my Uncles being their daft selves.... They're impacted in my brain, but knowing I can look over them is THE single most indulgent and beautiful thing I poscess.

I take photos for a living now, and I LOVE it, when I started my journey back when I was a 14 year old taking photos of my little cousins, then my beautiful daughters many years later, all I was doing was practicing and making memories. These last couple of years I've stopped sharing images of my girls and my life because work has taken over.....

Last summer I made an effort to document the days, the memories we're making for my lovely young ladies, yet I forget to share them. To share the moments, the wonderful frozen moments in time.

And today, looking back on last year I realise why, even more so.... the difference a year makes is pretty amazing.... the way my 11 year old from last summer has become an almost 13 year old young lady twelve months later is incredible. Seeing that little 10 year old become an independant 11 and a half year old ready for secondary school next month - is a beautiful and humbling thing.

Last summer we spent one day in Walton-On-The-Naze, a place of my childhood.  We hired a beach hut from Millie's Beach Hut Hire and a fantastic day we had, from bacon sandwiches and coffee when we arrived at 8am to our delicious lunch, finishing with fish and chips on the balcony of our lovely girl Minnie, I almost forgot about this little adventure, luckily these images bring all the happiness back.

Are you making the most of the little moments? If not, then let me, life isn't perfect and you cannot make it perfect, because when it's a bit crazy and broken.... well that's the perfect they remember.

I'd love to document your imperfect, perfect moments.